To our clients we provide a complete maintenance and protection of their trade marks, designations of origin, industrial designs, patent inventions and utility models in the territory of the Czech Republic as well as abroad, especially:

  • We carry out comprehensive searches in national and international patent, design and trade mark databases, evaluation of patentability and meeting the conditions of registering competency, necessary modifications of technical solutions and trade marks to be registered, elaborating and depositing applications and elaborating all other relevant documents; we handle all the correspondence in the respective proceedings in the name of a client;
  • Monthly we evaluate all the released applications of trade marks in terms of their possible collision with older trade marks of our clients; based on a record of established collision applications and after discussion with a client we prepare and, in the client's name, we submit comments and private law objections;
  • We provide records of licenses and transfers (including elaborating agreements and contracts), records of changes in registry data, keeping patents effective, validity extension of industrial designs and utility models, renewals of records of trade marks, and records of changes in specification of designation of origin;
  • We represent our clients in all proceedings conducted in connection with their patents, industrial design, utility models, trade marks, and designations of origin, especially in license procedures, transfer, objection, determination, canceling and erasing proceedings, in proceedings to declare a trade mark invalid;
  • We provide to our clients special technical and legal assistance in possible patent, design and trade mark collisions and disputes , including elaborating bills to order preliminary measures, preparation for filing actions, and representing in legal proceedings;
  • We prepare and elaborate expert opinions, especially on assessment of value of the rights from the industrial property and legal status of dispute matters.

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